E-Consult on Global Climate Governance at the Intersection of Human Security & Justice

Context From January 12 to February 13, 2015, The Hague Institute for Global Justice and The Stimson Center conducted an expert consultation for the Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance, providing an opportunity for environmental governance experts worldwide to exchange ideas and experiences on global climate governance reform. The e-consult brought together more than … Continued

Expert E-Consultation on Cyber Security, Justice, and Governance

Participate: ┬áLeave your comment at the bottom of this page. On 3 November 2014, The Hague Institute launched its first e-consultation, which sought to┬ácontribute to the work of the Commission on Global Security, Justice, and Governance. This was the first of a series of e-consultations on topics relevant to the research and policy agenda of … Continued