The Stimson Center’s Just Security 2020 Program, along with its partners the Global Challenges Foundation, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, and the One Earth Future Foundation, will convene a multi-stakeholder global policy dialogue, on 5-6 June 2019, in Washington, D.C. to discuss novel ideas for better improving today’s global security, justice, and economic architecture for 21st century global risks, threats, and opportunities.

The Global Policy Dialogue on Global Security, Justice, and Economic Institutions is designed to serve as a major vehicle to spur a transnational network for global governance renewal, innovation, and reform, using current reform proposals as points of departure. To this end, it will drill deep into the following issues – and consider innovative institutional and related reforms – through three distinct working groups:

  1. Security: UN Security Council, Peacebuilding Architecture, and/or UN General Assembly Reform (e.g., creation of a UN Parliamentary Network or Assembly)
  2. Justice: International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, and/or the UN Human Rights Council
  3. Economy: International Financial Institutions, UN Economic and Social Council, and the World Trade Organization

From this multi-stakeholder dialogue, a concrete set of global governance reform innovations will be put forward for further debate and action as a substantive contribution to governments and global civil society along the Road to 2020 and the 75th anniversary commemoration of the United Nations.

The Global Policy Forum in Washington DC follows this past December’s dialogue on Preventive Action, Sustaining Peace, and Global Governance, held in collaboration with the Doha Institute’s Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies, and precedes a third Global Policy Dialogue under preparation for this October in Seoul on the theme of Climate Action: Innovating the Paris Agreement & Beyond.

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