The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and the Stimson Center’s “Just Security 2020 Program” hosted a global policy dialogue in Doha, Qatar to discuss issues of preventative action, sustaining peace and global governance. The dialogue focused particularly on the Greater Middle East, which has experienced a large proportion of the recent rise in conflict-related casualties.

The gathering provided a chance for scholars, policy-makers, practitioners, and activities to forge consensus around and identify new actions to better manage and address the root causes of protracted violent conflict worldwide. Major issue areas considered include:

    i) R2P, including Prevention, Rebuilding, and Mitigating the Norm’s Abuse;
    ii) Peacebuilding, Peacekeeping, Transitional Justice & Rule of Law Promotion (including UNSC Resolution 1325-Women, Peace & Security and the Responsibility to Rebuild); and
    iii) Reform of the Peacebuilding Commission and International Criminal Court.

Each of the above themes was explored with a particular focus on conflict and conflict transformation in the Greater Middle East.