On 30 October 2018, The Stimson Center in Washington DC hosted a book launch for Just Security in an Undergoverned World, the companion volume to the Report of the Albright-Gambari Commission “Confronting the Crisis of Global Governance.”

This special luncheon roundtable discussion addressed the fundamental overarching global governance policy question: “How can humankind better manage global problems to achieve both security and justice simultaneously, or ‘just security’?”

Book authors Dr. William Durch, Dr. Joris Larik, and Dr. Richard Ponzio were joined by moderator Heather Hurlburt and discussant Professor Amitav Acharya in discussing a new conceptual framework on just security for charting innovative solutions and strategies for essential global governance.

The event included highlights from the book on coping with violent conflict in fragile states, dealing with runaway climate change, and responding to future cross-border economic shocks and cyber-attacks. The panel further discussed related global governance policy challenges fueling global conflict, migration, and threatening the UN human rights system.

The panelists also considered calls for Member States and global civil society to renew, innovate, and reform multilateralism as the United Nations approaches its 75th anniversary commemoration in 2020.