Designing a Roadmap to The Future We Want, The UN We Need

On September 16th and 17th (with community-driven sessions to follow on Sept. 18th), we will gather virtually to honor the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. A cornerstone of international order since 1945, the United Nations must continue to adapt and innovate to respond to new threats, challenges, and opportunities in our current age of complexity.

The UN75 Global Governance Forum seeks to promote a more inclusive and effective United Nations through dialogue and recommendations that better harness the ideas, capabilities, and networks of both state and non-state actors for achieving the UN’s commitment to peace, sustainable development, human rights, and a stable climate.

In this spirit, participants will seek collectively to raise the ambition of the UN75 Declaration—to be adopted on September 21st by world leaders—by initiating new multistakeholder pilot projects and presenting global governance innovations toward the realization of “the future we want, the UN we need.” Information regarding the forum, including the agendahonorary co-chairspartnership and innovation tracks, and speakers can be found here.

Thank you once again for joining us for this September’s UN75 Global Governance Forum. Your unique perspective and commitment to global action and responsibility will enrich our “Roadmap for the Future We Want, the UN We Need.” We look forward to our continued collaboration for a more inclusive, effective, and just global governance system. Remember to register!