1. 20141017-un-hq-program-slideA New United Nations Civilian Response Capability: (to give the UN a responsive capacity to deploy civilian talent as needed in support of urgent peacebuilding requirements, as an integral part of the next generation of peace operations, in close coordination with regional and other actors, and in support of the R2P norm’s Responsibility to Rebuild)
  2. United Nations Peacebuilding Council (including a new focus on prevention, new authorities, new resources for peacebuilding)
  3. Place the International Court of Justice at The Top of the International Legal Order (expanding acceptance of the World Court’s jurisdiction and applying the Advisory Opinions instrument in innovative new ways)
  4. Enhance UN Security Council – International Criminal Court Working Relations (bringing the ICC formally into the UN system, including by delineating roles and responsibilities between the UNSC and ICC; increasing ownership by expanding the ICC’s focus beyond Africa; and the internationalization of fact finding tools)
  5. International Cybercrime Center and Cyber-Peacekeepers (an international response to cyber-attacks and expanding access / cyber capacity in the Global South)
  6. Global Economic Stability Council (strengthen UN-G20-Bretton Woods cooperation to avert future financial shocks and foster sustainable economic growth)
  7. Key UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Strengthening Reforms (innovations with how governments, businesses, and civil society are organized to achieve the elusive post-Kyoto “grand bargain” on climate change in Paris)
  8. Green Licensing Facility (harnessing private sector innovation for climate mitigation and adaptation, especially in support of developing countries)
  9. United Nations Parliamentary Network (consistent with the Parliamentary Networks in place for the WB, IMF, and WTO, as well as regional organizations)
  10. United Nations Global Partnership (Realization of the “We the Peoples” spirt at the outset of the UN Charter; combining and institutionalizing a number of forward-leaning reform ideas from the past two decades designed to greatly enhance how the United Nations, business, and civil society consult and organize themselves for collective action on key global issues)