The UN75 Global Governance Forum is organized around FOUR THEMATIC PILLARS:

UN 75 SF Thematic Pillars


(Invite only)

Partnerships Track

Across the forum’s four pillars (peace and security, sustainable development, human rights and humanitarian action, and climate governance), plenary presentations and breakout groups will explore new kinds of multi-stakeholder partnerships composed of UN system departments/agencies, states, the private sector, philanthropists, and broader civil society groups from all regions.

While the forum’s Day 1 will focus on the formulation of pre-vetted partnerships to achieve specific outcomes, Day 2 will seek to nurture the development of 15 to 20 new multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance the mission of the United Nations across its main pillars of action.

The partnerships will be drawn from various stages of development. Each partnership will represent an opportunity to be scaled and replicated in the future. Each of the partnerships showcased will be presented to the UN 75 Leaders Summit, planned for 21 September, in New York.

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Innovation Track

Held from August 3rd – 30th and building on preceding online and in-person global and regional policy dialogues and an e-consultation, this track will build consensus on and devise a reform strategy for a select number (i.e., no more than 10 to 15) of “Global Governance Institutional, Policy, and Normative Innovations for UN75 & Beyond” that both complement and improve the conditions for effective multi-stakeholder partnerships promoted in Partnerships Track. The Webinar series includes Global Economic Governance & Sustainable Development (Aug. 5th from 10:30 am – 11:45 am EST);  Peace & Security (Aug. 12th); Human Rights, Humanitarian Action & Inclusive Governance (Aug. 19th); and Climate Governance (Aug. 26th).

The proposed innovations will also aim to further develop and go beyond official UN75 Declaration commitments.

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The Global Climate/Nature Emergency and the Governance Gap
Lead: Global Challenges Foundation and the Climate Risk Governance Commission
The Commission aims to fill a crucial gap in confronting the global climate emergency, by innovating and proposing feasible high impact global governance solutions for urgent, exponential climate action, to limit global temperature rise to or below 1.5°C.

Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace
Lead: Alliance for Multilateralism
The goal of the Paris Call is to constitute a community of supporters from all sectors – public sector, private sector, civil society – that unite around, promote and implement a common set of values and principles in order to increase trust and security in the cyberspace. 

Cold Catch – Developing a Cold Chain Infrastructure for the Somali Fishing Industry
Lead: One Earth Future Foundation, Secure Fisheries Program
This partnership will bring about an innovative multi-disciplinary solution in partnership with the Global Cold Chain Alliance, to cold chain infrastructure that can be piloted in Somalia and expanded to other LDCs.



Showcase innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships among civil society, the private sector, philanthropists, governments and the UN system to complement the intergovernmental UN 75 Declaration. These parallel commitments will be presented at the September 21, 2020 UN 75 Leaders Summit.
Catalyze a follow-on intergovernmental process(es) post-2020 (i) to facilitate progress on new multi-stakeholder collaborations, and (ii) to support the UN 75 Declaration and Leaders Summit through proposed institutional, policy, and normative innovations in the global governance system.



  • Be part of a global network from governments, UN agencies, non-governmental organizations, the business community, and philanthropic sector.
  • Pursue creative new multi-stakeholder partnerships with UN system and government leaders.
  • Contribute to the forum’s agenda, including speaking and general participation opportunities, by participating in the Private Sector-Philanthropic Institutions Advisory Group, UN Advisory Group, or Coordination Group.
  • Become a sponsor of this historic event.



Forum Director: Maureen Connolly, [email protected]

Partnerships Track: Ramon Alvero, [email protected]

Innovation Track: Cristina Petcu, [email protected] and Banou Arjomand, [email protected]


The UN75 Global Governance Forum seeks to promote a more inclusive and effective United Nations through dialogue and recommendations that better harness the ideas, capabilities, and networks of both state and non-state actors for achieving the UN’s commitment to peace, sustainable development, human rights, and a stable climate.